roll out for
the victory
of Ukraine!

“Autobots Ukraine” is a civic initiative founded by a group of volunteers. Our mission is to supply Ukraine’s Armed Forces with reliable vehicles.

About us


Our work streams

Repairing disabled or damaged vehicles to get them back on track, as well as delivering spare parts.
Selecting and purchasing used cars abroad that then undergo qualitative maintenance and are sent to Ukraine’s Armed Forces at the front line.
Technical upgrading (replacement and enhancement of car units, installation of underbody protection) and preparing vehicles for use in combat conditions.

How we work

Personal contact with units of Ukraine’s Armed Forces for a better understanding of their needs, higher impact, and continued support
Focus on diagnostics, preventing and eliminating failures, preparing the vehicles for reliable service
Full operating cycle, from fundraising and searching for vehicles to repairs and upgrades, frontline delivery and further maintenance
Analyzing the market and planning logistics
Sending a scout group to purchase the vehicles
Maintaining and, if necessary, repairing purchased vehicles
Handling the vehicles over to the units of Ukraine’s Armed Forces according to their requests
Staying in touch with the units of Ukraine’s Armed Forces and helping with the service/maintenance of delivered or other vehicles if necessary


Cars were transferred to the needs of the Armed Forces
The cars were repaired and returned to service
Since March 2022, the team of “Autobots Ukraine” has purchased and handed over to the units of Ukraine’s Armed Forces 50 vehicles:
22 cross-country vehicles
15 vans
8 pickups
1 ambulance car
1 refrigerator truck
3 passenger cars
Our team is grateful to all volunteers who support the work of “Autobots Ukraine” financially, logistically, and by spreading the information!
Together we are strong! And each of these words of gratitude from Ukraine’s Armed Forces goes to every one of you:

Корисні матеріали

Персональний контакт із підрозділами ЗСУ для кращого розуміння потреб
Персональний контакт із підрозділами
Персональний контакт із підрозділами ЗСУ для кращого розуміння потреб



Financial aid


Organizational aid

Do you want to join our team and help with purchasing and delivering vehicles to Ukraine’s Armed Forces? Email us at! At this time, we are looking for drivers who could deliver vehicles in Ukraine and scouts who could inspect and purchase vehicles abroad.

Informational aid

Support us by sharing the posts of Autobots Ukraine on social media (Instagram, Facebook). We are also looking for communication specialists (volunteers) who can help us share stories about our work and build new partnerships. If you’re interested, you can find more details here.


Team “West”

An on-site team of drivers and scouts who search, select, and deliver vehicles to Ukraine. This group sets up the first maintenance of purchased vehicles and hands them over to teams “Center” and “East.”
Oleksandr Petrov
Coordinator of the team “West”
I aim to return my home that was taken away by occupiers in 2014!
Diana Petrova
I love my country and want to help in any way I can during this difficult time.
Valerii Melnyk
Scout (selection and purchase of cars)
The belief in the bright future of Ukraine, its nation, its people, change of the “soviet” regime for the new civilized and European society, where common sense wins over the money – all of this depends only on us. Everyone should be in their place.
Mariana Mokretska
I believe in our victory! As a woman, as a Ukrainian, I can not close my eyes to what’s happening. I try to do everything that is possible to help our defenders win sooner. Our power is in our unity!
Oleg Tsomartov
Scout (selection and purchase of cars)
Every delivered car is bringing us closer to victory! I believe in Ukraine’s Armed Forces and am so grateful for their work!
Artur Akopov
I am sure that every citizen should make a contribution to our victory because together we are stronger.

Team “Center” 

Accepts vehicles from the team “West” and delivers them to the team “East”. Handles unforeseen situations and ensures emergency repair if needed.
Davyd Ostrosvkyi
Driver, coordinator of the team “Centre.”
When you see the eyes of the military people you help, you instantly realize that you are where you need to be.
Denys Androsiuk
Every ‘thank you’ from the military people inspires me to do everything I can so that our people can feel the smell of the freedom, and our defenders finally return to their lives, full of joy and pride.
Darya Ostrovska
Office volunteer
Even just the thought that you can do something for our guys at the front line makes you move further, even at the most difficult times.

Team “East”

Frontline team that is responsible for the control maintenance of the vehicles, communicates with the units of Ukraine’s Armed Forces and delivers cars to the active combat zones.
Andrii Volkov
Coordinator of the team “East”
The liberation struggle of the Ukrainian people has been going on for more than 300 years. The time has come when, in the heat of war and joint struggle, Ukrainian society turns into a nation! It is a great honor to be a part of these transformations!
Dmytro Zavgorodnii
We try to bring victory closer by any means. Because after we win, we will be able to live our beautiful peaceful lives again.


Do you have questions about the work of “Autobots Ukraine”, partnership proposals, or would like to join our team of volunteers? Email us at